If you’ve got your eye on our eyelet curtains, you’re in good company. The popularity of this contemporary style has rocketed, thanks to the sleek and stylish finish it creates.

The modern heading results in large, even curtain pleats. So if you’ve plumped for a patterned fabric, you might want to think about how the pleats will impact on the print. Eyelets work particularly well with vertical stripes, but there’s a whole host of beautiful motifs to choose from. Your local GMB Window Coverings adviser will help you to find just the right option for your home.

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And once you’ve settled upon your favourite design, you can customize your curtains even further. Our eyelets come in a selection of six colours, which means that you can pick out a hue to complement your chosen fabric, curtain pole and interior decor.

  • Contemporary style with a sleek finish
  • The header gathers the curtain material
  • Six color options to complement your decor
  • Match the eyelets to your fabric or curtain pole

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Consult with The GMB experts

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