Double curtains combine our blockout and sheer curtains together on the one window, creating a well-designed and practical finish. You have a choice of layering one or the other on the front or back. A made to measure double curtain track can be installed or two curtain tracks, one with each curtain.

Control of each curtain is separate – draw open the heavier curtain during the day and keep the sheer curtains closed, for diffused light and daytime privacy. Close the heavier curtains at night for maximum darkness, privacy, thermal and noise insulation.

Double curtains are the best investment for your windows and home, to get double the practical benefits along with all of the visual benefits of curtains. The double layering of fabric also has the added benefit of a double layer of insulation, keeping the cold air out and the warm air in, saving you energy and money.

Floor to ceiling curtains where by the curtain tracking is mounted onto the ceiling, draws the eye up, making the room look larger than it actually is. Installing your curtains wall to wall, or as wide as possible if there is wall space available, also creates the illusion of a larger space and allows you to maximise your views and the natural light entering into your home.

When you purchase dc+b curtains you are obtaining the highest quality of service and materials which is important given the major investment entailed in choosing your window coverings. Our double curtains are manufactured in Melbourne, Australia, and our highly experienced team handcraft every curtain, custom made to your measurements.


  • Blockout + sheer curtain combined
  • One for day + one for night
  • Control of each curtain is separate
  • All the practical + visual benefits of both blockout + sheer curtains
  • Layered curtains for a beautiful finish
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