Zebra Blinds are a double panelled Roller Blind with staggered “stripes” on each panel. As you wish, you can retract them out of the way like a roller blind and allow all light in, lower the blind and align the stripes, to allow half of the light in or offset the stripes to block-out completely.

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A breakthrough in style, efficiency, and function “Zebra” shades gently filter the sun, combining the light control of a horizontal blind. These blinds are made with a special weave method, using a piece of Dacron among which is added to pieces of gauze. Its color will not fade, providing a long life span and the blinds have a very smooth and glossy surface – the material does not get dirty easily, it can be cleaned with a damp cloth and it could also be ironed.

Zebra shade blinds come in a variety of sizes, fabrics, patterns and colors.

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