Curtain tracks are less visible so are a good choice for plain or simple curtains styles. They are usually fully hidden by the curtain fabric when the curtains are closed. Tracks are either plastic or lightweight metal.

Tracks are easy to shape. Many lightweight tracks can be shaped on site by the fitter, so present a cheap solution. Tracks are often used for bay windows as you can purchase tracks which can be bent to accommodate the curve of the window.

Traditional tracks lack the versatility of poles when comes the choice of your curtain heading. Most curtains on tracks use pencil pleat headings. Some people try to fit double or triple pleat headings but the track prevents proper folding of the curtain fabric and the result is disappointing. Modern wave tape headings can only be accommodated on a specially designed track system.

Many track designs offer cord control of the curtains as a very cost effective option. Cording is useful if your curtains are very tall and as a way to avoid handling delicate curtain fabric.

Tracks are easily face fixed to a wall or fixed to a ceiling. Poles in contrast are usually only face fixed to a wall with support brackets.

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