Curtains poles generally create more of a focal point and can enhance the overall effect by making a big, bold statement, especially with the wide choice of decorative finials available. They can be placed high above the window casement to create an illusion of a more substantial drop for the curtains, this is often a good choice for smaller windows or mullion windows.

Poles are usually metal or wood though cheaper plastic poles or faux wood and metallised plastic are available. The latter really are a false economy. Wood poles come in many styles and colours and painted stained or natural finishes are readily available.

Poles typically are straight but metal poles can be bent into bay windows or around corners.

Since the curtain hangs beneath a pole it is a little lower than if it was on a track. Therefore, a pole may not be best option if the ceiling is low or if there is minimal space between the top of the window and the ceiling.

Traditionally tracks have been associated with corded controls but corded pole designs are available as a premium product.

Poles offer you a wider choice of curtain headings e.g. eyelets, tab top, goblet, and double/triple pleats, for example.

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